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Satyam Yoga Centre

We hope you enjoy your visit to our virtual yoga centre and learn something about the vast subject/dimension of YOGA. Our objective is to provide yoga aspirants, who wish to learn more about the age-old science and traditions of yoga, with a wealth of information that will aid them in their journey of self-discovery.

The eternal Shiva (who was the first Guru of YOGA) transmitted the paths to cosmic realization aeons ago, codifying many methods to raise human consciousness to the divine. The transcendental methods known as Sadhanas were inscribed in the Tantric & Yogic Shastras, and passed on along a living lineage through the Guru and Disciple relationship. The transmission of ancient knowledge still exists today, and will be preserved for future generations as a divine gift from the ancient masters of reality.

Methods of achieving YOGA, “union of individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness” and thereby becoming a YOGI are known as SADHANAS” spiritual practices”. A Student/ Chela/ Disciple practicing Sadhana and receiving tuition under the watchful eye of A GURU is known as a SADHAKA. Through discipline and training in Yoga Sadhana, Sadhaks can become ADEPTS and true YOGIS achieving cosmic union and expanded consciousness.

Yoga was born in the Himalayas eons ago and has survived throughout the ages because the powerful presence of the perfected Himalayan masters of Yoga such as Shiva, Maha Avatar Babaji, Goraknath and many other known and unknown Yogic masters who still inspire present generations of Yoga aspirants in many ways.

The Satyam Yoga Centre website http://satyamyoga.com is dedicated to the preservation of Classical Yoga, the ancient and powerful Sadhanas which have always been preserved for accelerating the evolution of human consciousness. The timeless goal of self-realization. This website is therefore not only for the curious internet savvy Yoga student, but is intended to develop into a useful resource for serious Sadhaks or aspirants on the path of Yoga.

Satyam Yoga Centre is a medium of yogic communication, and a global portal linking Yoga students and teachers with information on Yoga, and has an eclectic presentation that draws inspiration from many sources.

This website  has proudly been serving the GLOBAL Yogic community since 1st July 1998 (17 years), and has a global reputation as being authentic and highly dedicated. The website was fully rebuilt in 2012 and modernised to meet the current needs. We look forward to maximizing, and utilizing the medium of the internet platform as a modern method which assists in the preservation of Yoga (YOGA VIDYA) and the propagation of Yoga (JNANA YAGYA).

We have fulfilled our purpose or objective, if your visit has helped you to initiate an in-depth experiential search within yourself for the true meaning of Yoga. A wise Indian Kriya Yoga Guru once said to me,” if you want to experience the soundless bliss state beyond the mind, then stop shopping in the spiritual supermarket and dive deep”.




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Satyam Yoga Centre

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